Fooled by a 4 year old

How you can use scarcity to convince people to purchase your service

How I was fooled by my son

A morning as always, getting up nicely, training a bit, a cup of coffee, then to primary school to take my son away.

Not today! At least my son had a different idea in mind.

“No daddy, I don’t feel well, I want to stay at home” …

Fuck! That was not planned. What now?

“Are you really not feeling well then friend?”

The answer was a firm no. I hadn’t experienced this yet so didn’t know what to do. As a father, you are opposed to a little boy of 4.


He's manipulating you, just take him away!

This was my girlfriend’s answer.

“He’s manipulating you, just take him away”.

Not done and afterwards I have to admit that I was just fooled by a 4-year-old.

Stand on that as a 36 year old adult guy.

But I did start to think about it. How you can convince people that you are right with simple techniques.

They call it persuasion

Persuasion ”Is what they call it in the English language and it is an integral part of marketing.

In my opinion, marketing is nothing more than convincing people that they really need a service / product. Giving them the feeling that they have a lesser quality of life without that product or service.

Sounds harsh, but just think about it, it makes sense.

They call that the pain pleasure stimulus.

Very interesting to know that pain thrives better. In other words, it has long been known that you move faster when you have a fear of losing than a pleasure of winning.

This is true in sports, in business, in your own life … Really everywhere.

My son unconsciously (or consciously, maybe I’m naive again) applied this to me. He applied a pure pain stimulus to me. He made me feel …

“Listen friend, if you take me to school now, and I sit there all day with pain, then I’m going to use that against you for a very long time, you know that” …

I think that was the order that went around in my head the moment I got tricked.

And this is exactly what happens every day, whether you like it or not

“Only 2 rooms available” from our great friend Using scarcity to make you feel that you are going to go wrong, above the pleasure you will experience when you book.

“This television has UHD techniques” , so if you buy a lower version, you will not be able to watch Netflix properly.

However you look at it, no matter how hard you say you can stand it, it is not. This mechanism is tough evolution. The fear of not belonging was, in the past, catastrophic. Everyone has it rooted in their “core DNA”.

Should you apply it just like my son did? Maybe not that hard, but if you’re not lying, I certainly wouldn’t let it go.

Only match it with your offer. Why not?

Hi, my name is Jan Willem

Hi, my name is Jan Willem

Online marketer, speaker and business coach. In addition to these topics, I actually write about a lot of things that concern me, just because I think this is cool to do. Do you want me to tell you stories to create movement? Then just contact us by clicking on the picture.