How marketing is fooling you

And you can make use of this by displaying your product in the right way

The product that comes into your field of vision

You walk, pre Corona time, in the showroom of your favorite car brand. You have finally made the choice that you really go for the beautifully beautiful deep blue BMW.

For the haters among us, it can also be a Mercedes …

You go to the seller and say, I like that model, can we talk about it further?

There is a good chance that you will not hear no, and before you know it you will have a lukewarm cup of coffee in front of you (they really have to do something about it at those types of companies) and the salesman is packing you.

“Yes look, that version is the old version. In addition, the new one with all the trimmings. Sensors, lights, buttons and it also drives fully automatically and the great thing is, it is unique, nobody has it. ”

After much deliberation, you are out, you are going to take it so that you can show off your new acquisition. That beautifully beautiful version that really no one has at all. Indeed, you have never seen him in the streets, so that cannot be a lie.

You put your signature and hear that it will be ready in 6 weeks.

You go to your old car, with a big grin knowing that in 6 weeks you will have a beautiful bowl under your ass. You drive off the dealer’s site and damn …

Exactly the same car as you just bought drives by.

How? You really had never seen him.

“Okay, it will be fine you think, just a coincidence, nothing to worry about.”

Two blocks away, fuck you, same car again. Now it shouldn’t get any crazier. In the weeks that follow, you see more and more the car you just bought. It is therefore not that unique.

How is that possible?

How marketing is fooling you

The reticular activation system

Indeed, it RAS system .

Something to do with your vision, otherwise there would be no reticulate. The RAS system is a kind of brake. A control that determines what you focus on.

Very simple, you cannot perceive everything that is happening around you. If that were the case, you would go completely bonkers.

Something that is very common in the world of personal leadership.

Where focus goes, energy flows is a well-known phrase there.

Before the time that you had that beautiful new car under your attention, it was already driving in the streets, but you did not notice it. Purely because it was not important to you.

You had other things that you were focusing on. Other things that were much more important to you than that car.

This also happens in marketing

This also happens in marketing and if you are smart you will apply it.

Someone who has only just become interested in your brand will in many cases not immediately proceed to purchase.

Often that person has to orient himself first. If he / she has your product in the spotlight, your product is within reach of his RAS system.

The product is in the spotlight and will pop up more and more often in the focus of your future customer.

Whether this is really the case is determined by the texts you use, the visuals, the colors and many more elements on your site and in your communication.

This is also the reason that in many cases it is so much it is more attractive to familiarize people with your product first , then stimulate them with all the beauty they will get when they buy your product and only then initiate the purchase.

Something that is very difficult, I understand, because as the owner you may have to let go of the variable “conversions”. Just accept that you will first spend some money on the so-called awareness phase and connecting phase and only then on the sales phase.

Make sure you get your product in the RAS system from your prospect , train him / her and only then initiate the sale.

There are many advantages to this. Take, for example, that retargeting, which you do when you apply this principle, is many times cheaper than directly presenting a sales ad.

This way you can easily show a video or image for only € 0.01 – € 0.10 cents per view, where else can you find that?

Hi, my name is Jan Willem

Hi, my name is Jan Willem

I am always looking for ways to grow businesses through data-driven marketing. I do this freelance, but also as a coach and speaker.

In addition to these topics, I actually write about a lot of things that concern me, just because I think this is cool to do. Do you want me to tell you stories to create movement? Then just contact us by clicking on the picture.