Let me help you find growth

Digital Growth Hacker & Business Consultant

Growth hacking is about analyzing what drives growth. Let me help you find that 1% what gives you a sustainable 80% growth.

Let me help you find growth

Digital Growth Marketer | Data marketer | Business Consultant

Time to do things differently? Time to tackle it in the new way. Time to apply proven techniques to get the most out of your business and marketing. Time to use growth hacking for systematic growth.

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Growth hacking

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As a growth hacker I specialize in a broad commitment within business and marketing. I always work with a lean analytics approach in my strategies. This means that I start with analyzing data and then draw up a strategy.

If I then help with the implementation of the plan, I can be used especially well with SEA, shopping advertising and “personal based” marketing.


Marketing analysis

I analyze your marketing data and help you identify growth opportunities.

Growth marketing

Growth Hacking Consultant

I coach the team in implementing various growth marketing strategies.

Growth hacking

Jan Willem den Hollander

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I will not bother you with a whole biography about myself.

I love a number of things. Clothing, data and marketing. You don’t care about the former, of course, but the latter two is probably why you’re here.

A term that you will see more and more in marketing is the term “ growth marketing “. A strong derivative of CRO or conversion optimization. Growth marketing is a way of marketing in which you base short marketing sprints on analytical / data data from your organization.

On the basis of this data you formulate a hypothesis. You link a test to this hypothesis and ultimately frame an action that you will take after the test. This action obviously depends on the outcome.

Testing, testing, testing is key.

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Growth hacking consultant

How I Can We Work Together

You can engage me as a growth hacker for your organization. Basically, I always go through the following steps to set up a collaboration. It is important to know that I only work with 3 companies at the same time. This is to draw full attention to the project. 


I always start with a data analysis in order to map out the current situation and base a strategy on it.


Following the analysis, I advise a growth marketing strategy for the coming period.


I coach or help implement the new strategy.

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The data driven e-commerce framework
The data driven e-commerce framework

My happy customers

And other great reviews

I recommend Jan Willem to everyone! He has a good technical background, knows what marketing is all about and likes to tackle things. As a result, something really happens, instead of a lot of effort with no result. Don't hesitate, just contact us!

Jerome Verbeek

Within Dura-Line we were looking for an English writing copywriter who could observe and report an online event for us. In addition to writing a good summary and a proposal for another 5 interesting topics, Jan Willem has also demonstrated a lot of knowledge and, above all, that he thinks along with the customer about the future. A man of all markets!

Joyce de Jong
Online marketer Dura-Line

I recommend Jan Willem. There was a time when, as a fellow marketer at JW, I explained the latest trends and facts of the trade. It is now the other way around. Jan Willem has quickly developed into a T-shaped Growth Hacker with knowledge of business and trends.

Marcel Swedeijk
Online Marketer

Worked with Jan Willem at BVA Auctions. We needed 60 SEO texts for pages on the website. We ourselves did not have the time and capacity to deliver the texts within one month. Fortunately, Jan Willem was able to do that for us as a freelancer.

Jasmien Sahebali
Digital marketer BVA Auctions


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