Marketing analysis

A marketing analysis to make choices based on data. I help you map and visualize this data.

Marketing analytics

Marketing analysis

A marketing analysis to make choices based on data. I help you map and visualize this data.

Marketing analysis

What does that mean?

Many companies make decisions based on their feelings. Now there is nothing wrong with that and you should certainly continue to do this, but there is a method to bring more certainty into your strategy.

As soon as you have your data in order, you can make data-driven decisions. Data-driven decisions based on your visitors, the clicks to your website, your social media conversions and the ultimate ROAS and POAS.

If you then combine this with your feeling, you get a very strong combination and you are engaged in growth marketing.


Collect data

The first step is to collect data.

Growth marketing

Visualize data

The second step is to visualize data.

Growth marketing

Marketing sprints

The third step is to develop marketing sprints.

Collect data

The first step in a growth marketing framework

The first step to get a marketing analysis it is to use data. You will have to collect this. Of course you don’t have to do this yourself, Google and other platforms are happy to help you with this.

The most famous is Google analytics, but Adobe and Microsoft also have their own data platform.

Collecting this data is therefore the first step in a growth hacking framework. You can use quite a few tools for this. The ones I use I have listed below for you.

Google analytics

Still the most reliable platform in my opinion

Google tag manager

The tool to connect all other tools to your analytics platform


The tool to see what is happening on your site

Business manager Facebook

The place to get your insights about your Facebook page


A tool that connects all your data and makes it easy to understand


Good old Excel ...

The combination of these tools makes it possible to measure many different metrics. The metrics you want to measure depends entirely on the type of business you have.

For example, if you are an e-commerce company, you have completely different metrics than, for example, a lead collection website. 

Okay, in general it really comes down to the same thing, but the goals are just very different per company. These metrics have been given a nice name in growth marketing, namely “ True North ” and “ One Metric That Matters “.

North Start

Your big goal

The North Star Metric is, as you have probably already suspected, the big goal of your company. It is that one goal that you pursue.

In many cases this is turnover, but make no mistake, for Facebook, for example, it is activation in the first 7 days. Facebook knows that if its users use the app a lot in the first 7 days, chances are they will continue to do so. More users means a larger market and therefore more advertising sales.

Do you get the link?

Your big goal determines the next metric.

One Metric That Matters

Your sub-goals

I like these the most, the small goals that determine whether you will achieve your true north.

For example, a one metric that matters for the coming period could be to attract more visitors. This because you think (your hypothesis) is that if there are more visitors, your conversions will go up.

For example, there can be several OMTM (one metric that matters) depending on the size of the company and of course the capacity of the team.

To take another example from Facebook, these guys do literally thousands of tests a day.

Below a number of very common metics that I measure;

Conversion rate

How many visitors convert to the next step.

Average Order Value

The average order value of a customer.

Cost Per Aquisition

The costs you incur for a conversion or acquisition.

Returning Visitors

How many of your visitors are repeat visitors.

Bounce Rate

How many visitors leave immediately and do not take any follow-up steps.

Cart Abandonments

How many people will stop if they only have to click on pay.

This is just the basis of the metrics that can be measured. It is important that you choose the right metrics for the right strategy. This is where growth hacking comes in.

Collect data

And then?

Once you have collected the data, it is time to analyze it.

The collection is therefore done by setting the right tools on your site, the analysis is mainly done by simple tools such as Excel or other tools such as Data Studio, which I mentioned earlier.

You can then draw conclusions from the data and then make a hypothesis. These hypotheses generally look like this.

I note that the[metric] is too low. I think if we[strategie] bet, the[metric] about[periode] with[getal/percentage] will rise. The goal is a minimal increase / amount of[metric] in[tijdsperiode] .

This may look like this, a hypothesis that I implement with a customer at the time of writing;

I note that the conversion from shop to shopping cart is too low. I think if we get the shopping page and optimize the products page with neuromarketing and conversion techniques , the conversion will increase. The goal is one minimal increase of 1% in 8 weeks.

At this point you are making a hypothesis. You can attach a frame to this hypothesis, so what you want to achieve and a strategy, how you want to do it. On the basis of this strategy, you determine which professionals are needed and which period you will spend on them.

I hope you understand that it is important to set a clear goal before you start. I will tell you more about this on the page about growth marketing.

For now, these are the steps;

Collect data

Collect the data you need, such as website data, social media data and offline data.

Bundling data

Visualize the data so that the people making decisions can understand the data. This is usually not an Excel file.

Choose a strategy

The growth marketing phase starts. This means determining a strategy based on a hypothesis.

You now understand a little more about the importance of data and visualize it in the right way. Below you can see some examples of some data studio projects that I have made, just to give an idea of how easy it is when you have data at your disposal.

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My happy customers

And other great reviews

I recommend Jan Willem to everyone! He has a good technical background, knows what marketing is all about and likes to tackle things. As a result, something really happens, instead of a lot of effort with no result. Don't hesitate, just contact us!

Jerome Verbeek

Within Dura-Line we were looking for an English writing copywriter who could observe and report an online event for us. In addition to writing a good summary and a proposal for another 5 interesting topics, Jan Willem has also demonstrated a lot of knowledge and, above all, that he thinks along with the customer about the future. A man of all markets!

Joyce de Jong
Online marketer Dura-Line

I recommend Jan Willem. There was a time when, as a fellow marketer at JW, I explained the latest trends and facts of the trade. It is now the other way around. Jan Willem has quickly developed into a T-shaped Growth Hacker with knowledge of business and trends.

Marcel Swedeijk
Online Marketer

Worked with Jan Willem at BVA Auctions. We needed 60 SEO texts for pages on the website. We ourselves did not have the time and capacity to deliver the texts within one month. Fortunately, Jan Willem was able to do that for us as a freelancer.

Jasmien Sahebali
Digital marketer BVA Auctions

How I proceed

Turn me on

You can hire me as a freelance growth hacker. I will fully commit to setting up a growth hacking framework within your organization or company.

I work with a maximum of 3 clients at the same time. This is because of the quality that I promise to deliver. I believe in a transparent and targeted approach. I like to have 1 on 1 contact with you as a client and to involve you in as many processes as possible, without increasing your workload.

My goal is to start the experiments as soon as possible, the element for which growth hacking is known. This will start as soon as the data of the particular test is clear.

Below the option to enable me;

Growth marketing

Growth Hacking Consultancy

With this option I come on location every week. Depending on the size of the job, this is maximum 3 times a week . I'm setting up one growth hacking strategy and help with the work. Once the data is in we will start experimenting immediately . The goal is to realize your way to systematic growth asap.

I am your personal growth hacking consultant for a minimum period of 3 months.

Suitable for: startups, starting agencies, marketing teams and corporate