The Growth Hacking process that I have developed

In recent years I have developed a growth hacking process which is the common thread in my collaborations.

Marketing analytics

The Growth Hacking process that I have developed

In recent years I have developed a growth hacking process which is the common thread in my collaborations.

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Growth hacking

What is growth hacking?

Growth marketing or growth hacking is a term that you have seen more and more often in recent years. Growth hacking is a data-driven marketing technique / methodology and a collection of smart marketing techniques. 

Startups tried to attack the market with limited resources. Limited resources in terms of time and finances. 

Here the term growth hacking was developed and originally coined by a certain Sean Ellis. 

You can see growth hacking as a marketing technique that uses data. This data is the source for developing tests to improve results. These tests can take place on all fronts, such as optimizing the website or improving the SEA campaigns. 

This is why many people compare growth marketing with CRO (conversion rate optimization) marketing.

The 6 pillars of my growth hacking theory are as follows;


Growth hacking requires a different, controversial way of thinking.

Growth team

No one can be an expert in everything. That's why a team is needed.


Without measuring you do not know whether what you are doing is right.

Listening to the market

The number 1 reason startups fail is because they have a service / product that the market doesn't want.

Use the right channels

Make sure you use the right channels for the right products.


The whole process starts all over again with data, testing and working

1: growth hacking mindset

Let's start thinking differently

The first pillar of a growth hacking framework is the mindset. In many organizations I come to there is a standard idea. A thought that has been implemented in the corporate philosophy over the years.

Facebook is for older people, younger people you speak from Instagram and you send your email on Monday morning at 09:00!

Why? Because many websites write that. Believe me, I have also adhered to this “industry standard” for a long time, but working with your own data is much more fun and lucrative.

The growth mindset is purely based on the continuous challenge of your own thoughts. Challenge the thoughts I gave above and try to undermine that thought through facts. If that does not work, then you are in the right direction. If you can, change your mindset and plan.

Growth hackers think big, take risks and quickly anticipate changing market conditions.


2: Growth hacking team

We are all specialists

And the disadvantage of a specialist is that he is very good at 1 or 2 things. A good social media marketer will not perform optimally as a SEA marketer and vice versa.

Growth hackers are known as so-called T-shaped marketers. We soon realized that a basic knowledge of all facets of marketing provides an enormous “edge” in the marketing landscape.

Every growth hacker / marketer will also know a depth in 1 or 2 facets in the marketing that he / she really has complete control. This does mean that a T-shaped marketer cannot be optimally deployed in all facets of marketing. That in turn is the disadvantage of a generalist.

If you want to use a growth hacking framework, then you will have to think about the team. A good growth team consists of generalists and specialists who each master part of the marketing.

Below you see an illustration of a T-shaped marketer profile.

T-shaped marketer

Standard Operating Procedures

I get a lot of inspiration from the military’s protocols. One of the protocols is the so-called “SOP” or a standard operating procedure.

This is actually very logical and fits perfectly into a growth hacking framework. Many tasks do not require you to reinvent the wheel. For many tasks, there have already been many before you who have done the dirty work. They have developed standard procedures that you can simply adopt.

Take SEA campaigns, for example. You can do a lot here, but the basis of a campaign is in many cases the same. This can simply be taken over by entering protocols.

Just think about it, your whole lifestyle is made up of SOPs without you knowing, that’s why they are SOPs.

Wil Je Weten Hoe Ik Jouw Bedrijf Ga Helpen Met Growth Hacking?

Je kan mij inschakelen als freelance growth hacker. Hierbij zal ik me volledig inzetten om een growth hacking framework op te zetten binnen jouw organisatie of bedrijf. 

Analyseren van de data
Opzetten van growth hacking testen
Uitvoeren van de testen
Analyseren van de resultaten

3: Measure

Knowing what you are doing

I already write about this extensively on another page (this one). If you want to use growth hacking, you will have to measure. Data is going to be your best friend and data is going to tell you what your next actions are.

To measure, we use tools such as Google analytics or perhaps a tool such as Hotjar to map the data.

Take a look at the article about analytics where I tell you a lot more about marketing analysis.

Below a number of metrics that are commonly used.

Conversion rate

How many visitors convert to the next step.

Average Order Value

The average order value of a customer.

Cost Per Aquisition

The costs you incur for a conversion or acquisition.

Returning Visitors

How many of your visitors are repeat visitors.

Bounce Rate

How many visitors leave immediately and do not take any follow-up steps.

Cart Abandonments

How many people will stop if they only have to click on pay.

This is just the basis of the metrics that can be measured. It is important that you choose the right metrics for the right strategy. This is where growth hacking comes in.

4: Listening to the market

To avoid flops

Just because you think you have a great product doesn’t mean you have a great product.

Confirmation bias, self serving bias, the curse of knowledge and blindsight bias and so on. Psychology is full of the well-known prejudices that we humans have about ourselves in particular.

Of course you will love your product. You should only know how many times I have tried to launch a “great” product in my eyes only to find out that the market thinks otherwise.

There are 3 deep feelings for which your product / service must offer a solution in order to get deep into the psyche of your customer.

Hopes and dreams

What do your customers want to achieve above anything else they want?

Pain and anxiety

What kind of pain and fear can you take away with your product / service?

Blockages and uncertainties

Which blockages and uncertainties does your product / service remove?

Much has been said about these facets and it is well understood that number 2 is one of the most used things to get people to take action. The fear of not having something is greater than the will to get something.

Use it to your advantage.

5: Use the correct channels

for communication with your customer

At the time of writing this, the marketing world is on a major shift. The era of personal cookie tracking is coming to an end and the way customers can be addressed will change.

There are exactly 18 channels on which you can address your customer. From the more traditional to the most recent such as “clubhouse”.

  • Viral Marketing
  • Public relations
  • Unconventional PR
  • Search engine marketing (PPC)
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Social and display ads
  • Offline ads
  • Content marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Target marketing blogs
  • Sales
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Existing platforms
  • Conventions
  • Offline events
  • Keynotes
  • Community building
  • Webinars and video marketing

One of the biggest problems I have is that companies only focus on the channels they are known for. New, unused channels are unknown and therefore fearful.

To find the right channel, you will have to spend some time with your growth team. Keep in mind that it is not always about range. The effectiveness of a channel is much more important.

This has everything to do with the one metric that matters and your true north, what I’m talking about here.

Also make sure to focus on the 3 to 4 most successful channels first. Once you master that, you move on to the next.

6: Optimize

The key to growth hacking

You now have a good idea of what growth hacking is and can mean for your organization. However, the most important step is yet to come, which is optimization. A continuous process of a number of factors.

I have made an illustration below that shows what the complete growth hacking process is.

Growth Marketing Framework

As you can see, this is the well-known “infinity” symbol. A symbol that indicates that something does not end but starts again every time. Continuous the process of;


From your current data.


Make a hypothesis based on the data.

To test

Framing your outcome.

To work

Running your test.

Investigations (left side)

Conducting surveys, surveys, questions and more.


Analyzing your test and moving on to a new one.

My happy customers

And other great reviews

I recommend Jan Willem to everyone! He has a good technical background, knows what marketing is all about and likes to tackle things. As a result, something really happens, instead of a lot of effort with no result. Don't hesitate, just contact us!

Jerome Verbeek

Within Dura-Line we were looking for an English writing copywriter who could observe and report an online event for us. In addition to writing a good summary and a proposal for another 5 interesting topics, Jan Willem has also demonstrated a lot of knowledge and, above all, that he thinks along with the customer about the future. A man of all markets!

Joyce de Jong
Online marketer Dura-Line

I recommend Jan Willem. There was a time when, as a fellow marketer at JW, I explained the latest trends and facts of the trade. It is now the other way around. Jan Willem has quickly developed into a T-shaped Growth Hacker with knowledge of business and trends.

Marcel Swedeijk
Online Marketer

Worked with Jan Willem at BVA Auctions. We needed 60 SEO texts for pages on the website. We ourselves did not have the time and capacity to deliver the texts within one month. Fortunately, Jan Willem was able to do that for us as a freelancer.

Jasmien Sahebali
Digital marketer BVA Auctions

How I proceed

Turn me on

You can hire me as a freelance growth hacker. I will fully commit to setting up a growth hacking framework within your organization or company.

I work with a maximum of 3 clients at the same time. This is because of the quality that I promise to deliver. I believe in a transparent and targeted approach. I like to have 1 on 1 contact with you as a client and to involve you in as many processes as possible, without increasing your workload.

My goal is to start the experiments as soon as possible, the element for which growth hacking is known. This will start as soon as the data of the particular test is clear.

Below the option to enable me;

Growth marketing

Growth Hacking Consultancy

With this option I come on location every week. Depending on the size of the job, this is maximum 3 times a week . I'm setting up one growth hacking strategy and help with the work. Once the data is in we will start experimenting immediately . The goal is to realize your way to systematic growth asap.

I am your personal growth hacking consultant for a minimum period of 3 months.

Suitable for: startups, starting agencies, marketing teams and corporate

I hope you found what you were looking for...

Do you want more information about how I can help you implement a growth hacking framework?