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Lectures and training on developing a growth hacking mindset

A tailor-made training for developing a growth hacking mindset or learning the most recent techniques in the field of SEA, analytics or CRO.

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lectures and training in growth hacking and digital marketing

What does this mean

If you are looking for someone who can give your audience the WOW factor, then I am recommended.

Since 2009 I have been involved in the world of psychology, growth hacking, entrepreneurship and marketing. A unique combination that has yielded very beautiful stories. Stories that shape my lectures and training in digital marketing, technology and growth hacking. .

Because everyone knows that the power of a story comes from the emotion that is attached to it and the emotion is nothing more than an experience. In other words, an emotionless story is just a collection of a few sentences.

I hand over lectures and trainings;

Growth hacking mindset

How do you implement a growth hacking mindset in your team to get started with a data-driven framework.

Build a digital marketing strategy

How do you develop a data-driven marketing strategy using all the marketing techniques we have today.

Developing a buyer persona based on psychology

How do you create an ideal customer profile based on various psychological characteristics and implement these in your funnel.

Headless e-commerce

How do you ensure that you will be visible on several channels at the same time and how do you abandon traditional thinking?

Self-chosen subject

Do you have an idea for your training or event, feel free to ask me and I may be able to help you.


What can you expect from me

I keep my training and lectures purposeful:
If I provide a lecture or training for your company, then I implement data and knowledge from your company. This means that the cases that I use in the training or lecture have a link and can be applied almost immediately.

This obviously requires some preparation time.

I like tempo:
I like tempo in presentations and training. This in both the presentation and the energy that I give.

Walk the walk, talk the talk:
In my presentations and training sessions I am a huge fan of the next cycle.

  1. Theory
  2. Examples from my own practice
  3. Apply in your practice
I can help you with the following services;

In-house training

A tailor-made training between 2 - 4 hours. This means a training that can consist of various topics that your team encounters.


A lecture of 30 - 90 minutes about a specific growth hacking, marketing or entrepreneurial topic for your event or part of a training.

Guest speaker podcast or on-stage

Enlist me as a guest speaker or co-host of a podcast or an event.


How can I engage you?

If you want to engage me, you can contact me via the options below.