The GROWS process

The GROWS process is a process that comes from the growth hacking world. It is an extension of the so-called PIRATE funnel which is also a well-known phrase in the growth hacking world.

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Grows process in growth hacking

What is it

The GROWS process is a step-by-step plan which we as a growth hacker can use in the so-called sprints that we use. It is a framework from collecting ideas to studying the data from the tests.

It comes in 5 steps and is a continuation of the well-known one PIRATE funnel from growth hacking .

Below I give you the steps from the GROWS process where every first letter naturally forms the word GROWS.

Gather ideas

Using analytics and data to detect any leaks in the funnel.

Rank ideas

Aligning these ideas and seeing which one has the greatest potential.

Outline experiments

Making experiments and hypothesis based on these ideas.

Work, work, work

Conducting tests and weekly sprints.

Study data

Studying the outcome and extracting "learnings" from it.

Step 1 GROWS process: gather ideas

Collect ideas

The step where the data of your company is collected to then see where there is a leak in the funnel. Where in the funnel most people leave, get out or get stuck and where in the funnel a big profit can be made.

This funnel that we use is called the PIRATE funnel. This is because every first letter of every phase forms the word AAARRR, the well-known pirate cry.

We have metrics in every phase of this funnel, so the goal is to see in which part of the funnel profit can be made.

How do I collect this data:


With eg Google analytics, Facebook insights, LinkedIn, Adobe Audience Manager or other tools available.

Heatmap systems

Such as Hotjar to see user flows.


To assess what visitors experience

Step 2 grows process: rank ideas

Prioritizing ideas

It can happen that dozens of ideas come from the data analysis. These ideas cannot all be implemented at the same time.

Prioritizing on the basis of certain systems is necessary. This is done on the basis of 2 metrics, namely effort and return. In other words, what does it cost to implement and what is the expected result.

Systems that I use for this are PIES and BRASS

Wil Je Weten Hoe Ik Jouw Bedrijf Ga Helpen Met Growth Hacking?

Je kan mij inschakelen als freelance growth hacker. Hierbij zal ik me volledig inzetten om een growth hacking framework op te zetten binnen jouw organisatie of bedrijf. 

Analyseren van de data
Opzetten van growth hacking testen
Uitvoeren van de testen
Analyseren van de resultaten

Step 3 grows process: Outline experiments

Making hypotheses and testing

The ideas have been assessed and there are therefore possibilities to optimize the funnel. Now it is important to frame the tests / experiments that will be carried out. What is needed, who is needed for this (specialists / marketers), what are we going to measure (which metrics) and how long are we going to test.

So this is the phase where everything is described to determine how the test is going and when the test is a success.

Just an example

3 steps explained in the meantime, time for a short example so that you understand what is happening.

After mapping the funnel, the customer journey, we know which metrics are important. Suppose you are an e-commerce and in the phase from acquisition to activation (2 phases from the funnel) you find a huge gap. Only 1% of the people who view a product page proceed to the shopping cart.

Note: these phases differ per company and product. So this is an example that I now quote.

We will therefore use the GROWS process on this specific step, the conversion from product page to shopping cart.

The ideas that can come up are perhaps optimizing the product page or adjusting the CTA. Of these ideas, it is the CTA button that is the easiest and has the most potential.

We have therefore rated the idea of the button the highest and we are going to adjust this.

We need a designer for this (okay, it’s just a button, but you get what I mean in this example), someone who can edit the page and probably someone who can perform A / B testing.

The hypothesis we propose is that if we make the button red and the CTA more compelling, the conversion from product page to cart will grow by 50%. The test will run for 4 weeks and the requirement is that the volume is equal to the previous period.

Step 4 grows process: work, work, work

Run the test

Everything is ready, now it is time to go to work.

I myself am in favor of a short sprint every week. This means that there are weekly meetings with the various teams / specialists to ensure that the test goes well.

There is really no reason for the test to stop earlier than planned. The only reason could be that an error is being detected and the test has been incorrectly scheduled to continue it would be a waste of time and money.

Step 5 grows process: study data

Study the outcome

After the test period, the outcome is studied. A frame is made in advance of when the test would be positive and when the test would be negative.

The outcome is measured with so-called hard and soft data and various learnings are drawn from this. There are basically 2 outcomes.

The test is positive

Then we turn it into a system and implement it in the marketing flow

The test is positive

Then we take out the learnings and start the GROWS process again.

How can I help your business

I help companies in the following way

Increased conversion

I optimize channels to increase conversion.

Reduced cost per lead

I optimize the marketing to achieve the lowest possible cost per lead

Data tracking

I ensure that there is error-free data tracking to be able to apply growth hacking.

Growth mindset

I implement a growth mindset in the organization.

Find growth opportunities

I find and optimize new growth opportunities.

Client mindset

I provide customer-oriented and personal marketing.

How I proceed

Turn me on

You can hire me as a freelance growth hacker. I will fully commit to setting up a growth hacking framework within your organization or company.

The first step is an introductory meeting, which is completely without obligation.

I believe in a transparent and targeted approach. I like to have 1 on 1 contact with you as a client and to involve you in as many processes as possible, without increasing your workload.

My goal is to start the experiments as soon as possible, the element for which growth hacking is known. This will start as soon as the data of the particular test is clear.

Below the option to enable me;

Growth marketing

Growth Hacking Consultancy

Depending on the size of the assignment I will come maximum 3 times a week at location. I'm setting up one growth hacking strategy, help with the work and coach the other employees. Once the data is in we will start experimenting immediately . The goal is to realize your way to systematic growth asap.

Suitable for: startups, starting agencies, marketing teams and corporate

I hope you found what you were looking for...

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