The LIFT model

The popular conversion optimization framework

The LIFT model is a conversion optimization framework consisting of 6 pillars that all have an effect on the conversion rate of your landing page.

The LIFT model growth hacking
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The lift model in growth hacking

What is the LIFT model

The LIFT model is a conversion optimization framework which consists of 6 elements. These 6 elements largely determine the conversion rate of a page.

A nice framework that you can apply to many facets of the PIRATE funnel .

The 6 elements that make up the LIFT model are:

Value proposition






The first point is the basis, the proposition of your service or product. Then there are points 2, 3 and 4 that ensure that your product or service actually gets off the ground (LIFT model).

On the other hand, points 5 and 6 are elements that you do not want to have. If these are present too much, it can prevent the lift off from taking place.

The LIFT model, illustrated below in an image, was developed by Chris Goward in 2009.

The LIFT model growth hacking

LIFT model: value proposition

What is value proposition in the lift model

The basis of many growth hacking frameworks that I implement at companies is the so-called value proposition or value proposition.

The value proposition is a promise of value that is based on your product or service and tailored to you ideal target group or buyer persona.

The LIFT model therefore shows what you can do to properly express this value proposition on the landing page. It doesn’t tell you how to create or construct a value proposition.

LIFT model: urgency

What is urgency in the elevator model

Urgency is the creation of a necessity. A necessity for the visitor to become a customer or lead.

Websites that have become big with this are AirbenB, Expedia and by creating a necessity with the well-known “You have 1 hour to book” or “Only 2 rooms left”.

Obviously there are more examples, but it comes to the point of necessity. Psychologically speaking, we humans can no longer think rationally if we have the fear of losing or missing something.

Creating a necessity is therefore seen by many people as a mean technique to apply.

However you see it, it is one of the basic elements for a good launch.

LIFT model urgency

LIFT model: relevance

What is relevance in the lift model

The element relevance has to do with the factor how relevant the landing page has to the visitor’s expectations.

In general, a visitor comes to the website via an advertisement, a search query, an email or something else related to promotion. In that promotion something is often depicted, colors and certain text expression are used.

The only thing the visitor expects when he clicks on an ad is a recognizable point.

If the ad is blue, but the landing page is orange, then there is a chance that this relevance is not there. The same goes for the message, the product, the title, text and more.

Make sure there is a connection between the subsequent steps that a customer / lead goes through.

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LIFT model: clarity

What is clarity in the elevator model

Clarity is clarity. We have now discovered in psychology that people do not like choice stress.

For example, companies that offer 1 product, if necessary in different colors, understand this well. For example, one of my favorite trouser brands is Mr. Marvis .

3, at most 4, different lines in many colors. Easy, clear and fast.

Clarity can also come in the structure of the page, the amount of text you use, whether your photos use and more.

LIFT model: distraction

What is distraction in the lift model

Distraction is the first of the elements to negatively affect the landing page.

A landing page generally has 1, at most 2 goals. All too often I come across that there are many times more. Companies write a page and think that mentioning a lot of possibilities is a positive thing. Nothing is less true.

It’s the opposite of clarity.

+10 CTAs on a page, lots and exaggerated photos, links that lead away from the ordering process and so on.

LIFT model: anxiety

What is anxiety in the elevator model

Fatigue in your visitors. This is where the slogan “less is more” actually comes up.

One of the most famous examples is over-citing all your positive feedbacks, guarantees (such as home shopping guarantee), review stars, and more.

Obviously this is not wrong, but once they have seen it, they will know. So the question is, if you are going to put this on every page, does this create confidence or fatigue?

LIFT model in practice

How do I apply the lift model?

I will apply the LIFT model when the analysis and compilation of the PIRATE funnel landing page optimization comes next.

Suppose we need to improve the LP for a higher conversion rate. In this case I will use the lift model to analyze and optimize the LPs. This depends entirely on the industry, the purpose of the page and the product.

How I proceed

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