The PIRATE funnel

The funnel for a growth hacking framework in your business.

The PIRATE funnel is a funnel consisting of 6 stages. It is a marketing funnel that goes just a little further than the conventional funnels, which often stop after the acquisition phase. A funnel that you provides insight into the phases where you have exponential growth can reach.

The Pirate Funnel

The Growth Hacking Guide For the Lead Generation Business

Do you have a company that deals with generating leads and do you want to start with growth hacking? Then this guide is for you.

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PIRATE funnel in growth hacking

What is it

The PIRATE funnel is a funnel consisting of 6 stages . The first letters of each phase form the word AAARRR, hence the name PIRATE funnel. In growth hacking we mainly use this funnel to determine the user flow (customer journey), but more importantly to localize growth opportunities.

The stages of the pirate funnel are:

The sequence of the phases can differ in various industries. For example, an e-commerce pirate funnel is different from a B2B or a SAAS pirate funnel.

The Pirate Funnel What Is It

phase 1 pirate funnel: awareness

Make people aware of your product / service

An important phase, not only because it is the first step of your funnel. In this phase you can learn a lot about the so-called market fit of your product / service.

It is also a phase that many people skip.

Well, don’t skip it, but use it more as a direct sales channel. The cold messages on social media with “buy here”, “20% off” and “decide now!”.

You will have to familiarize people with your product before they want to buy. How long this process takes depends on your product / service, the costs, the problem it solves and a lot more.

The channels that are often used in this phase include social media, Google ads, SEO, but also email and offline marketing.

Social media

Google SEA and SEO

Offline marketing

phase 2 pirate funnel: activation

The first clear action people take on the site

Visitors find your site and then you can of course retarget these visitors en masse on your social media, but is that the right way? Are these visitors all suitable as leads or can you make a clear distinction?

I think the latter.

By measuring certain actions on the site such as a specific landing page, viewed 50% of the video or, for example, having scrolled 75% of a page.

In the acquisition phase you will specifically separate interested parties from the crowd.

Of course this has a lot to do with the people you attract in the awareness phase, but that is a completely different topic that we will not discuss here.

It is important that you determine in advance when someone is really interested. You do this by determining the aforementioned KPIs, such as video views, scroll depth and page views.

phase 3 pirate funnel: acquisition

From visitor to lead

This is a phase that in some cases comes before the activation phase. However, I am a fan of placing it after the activation phase, depending on the type of company I work for.

Acquisition is the phase when you really separate the lead from the visitor. The person has taken a clear action by, for example, filling in an email or perhaps placing a product in the shopping cart.

Many companies forget to characterize this phase and therefore miss a great opportunity. Realizing in time that this phase can be scaled up easily is essential to grow a company.

This has everything to do with the type of company and product / service that is offered.

Wil Je Weten Hoe Ik Jouw Bedrijf Ga Helpen Met Growth Hacking?

Je kan mij inschakelen als freelance growth hacker. Hierbij zal ik me volledig inzetten om een growth hacking framework op te zetten binnen jouw organisatie of bedrijf. 

Analyseren van de data
Opzetten van growth hacking testen
Uitvoeren van de testen
Analyseren van de resultaten

phase 4 pirate funnel: Revenue

From lead to customer

The funnel continues and the next step is the step from lead to customer.

In other words, the people who have already indicated that they want more information, for example by leaving an email, requesting a quote or sending an email convert them to paying customers.

phase 5 pirate funnel: Retention

From customer to loyal fan

If you sell a product or service where customers pay a monthly fee or can buy something extra on their first purchase, then you are talking about retention.

Consider, for example, the subscription market where customers pay an amount every month but can also upgrade their subscription.

In other words, after the initial sale, it is not over. A customer can always purchase more or more from you.

phase 6 pirate funnel: referral

From customer to ambassador

We at WC duck recommend WC duck …

That makes sense. Of course you advise your own product / service, but what could be better than another customer who advises your service / product?

Referral is a very powerful and often overlooked phase of the marketing funnel.

Recap of the pirate funnel


Make people aware


Let people experience the WOW effect


The first conversion from visitor to lead


The conversion from visitor / lead to customer


Increasing the lifetime value of a customer


Ensure that your customers bring in other customers

Pirate funnel practical

How to use the pirate funnel

The pirate funnel is an inseparable part of marketing and growth hacking in general. I always use this funnel to map the phases of a company (and its service or product).

This includes describing the phases, determining the KPIs and analyzing the data at that time. After this analysis I know exactly where the biggest “drop off” is in the funnel.

In other words, where do the visitors of the funnel drop off?

With this knowledge we then go it GROWS process to create and run experiments.

How can I help your business

I help companies in the following way

Increased conversion

I optimize channels to increase conversion.

Reduced cost per lead

I optimize the marketing to achieve the lowest possible cost per lead

Data tracking

I ensure that there is error-free data tracking to be able to apply growth hacking.

Growth mindset

I implement a growth mindset in the organization.

Find growth opportunities

I find and optimize new growth opportunities.

Client mindset

I provide customer-oriented and personal marketing.

How I proceed

Turn me on

You can hire me as a freelance growth hacker. I will fully commit to setting up a growth hacking framework within your organization or company.

The first step is an introductory meeting, which is completely without obligation.

I believe in a transparent and targeted approach. I like to have 1 on 1 contact with you as a client and to involve you in as many processes as possible, without increasing your workload.

My goal is to start the experiments as soon as possible, the element for which growth hacking is known. This will start as soon as the data of the particular test is clear.

Below the option to enable me;

Growth marketing

Growth Hacking Consultancy

Depending on the size of the assignment I will come maximum 3 times a week at location. I'm setting up one growth hacking strategy, help with the work and coach the other employees. Once the data is in we will start experimenting immediately . The goal is to realize your way to systematic growth asap.

Suitable for: startups, starting agencies, marketing teams and corporate

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